The Conti Ice Edger enables continuous, complete ice resurfacing right up to the board edge with following features:

During the edging process, the snow is directly conveyed under the conditioner and gathered up by the ice resurfacer

Always produces a perfect ice edge on the kickboards, after cutting is no laborious additional manual work necessary

Comfortable & easy operation from the driver`s seat - the Control Panel is installed directly beside the ice resurfacer`s steering wheel

Absolute Safety, no rotary blades

Emission-Free:  No gas, no fuel, even no battery loading necessary - works simply by AIR-PRESSURE & tank is filled in less than 2 minutes

Automatically holds the contact to the boards, ice resurfacer can be driven at normal speed

The unique Board-Guide adjusts itself to uneven kickboards

NEW Standard:  Delivered with Key-Switch

Maintenance- & Lubricant-free bearings, Service friendly, Stainless Steel

Saves time by having to do less extra work - and saves energy costs by producing a permanent flat ice surface
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